Description of the trip:

Start from the Pacific Ocean at Dana Point, CA (or Huntington Beach) and go up in the mountains to enjoy some fresh air in Big Bear!

This trip can be done in one day, but would be much more fun with one night at the summit, either in a small campground in the forest or in a hotel on the lake’s shore. Either way, this is an easy escape from the busy beach cities!

There’s a fun mix of dirt and pavement to keep you entertained through the day(s) of riding. Plan ahead for a few photo stops as you gain elevation and the incredible views of the valley open. Cherry on the cake, Big Bear offers a wide variety of bars and restaurant to refill your energy levels at lunch or for dinner. Overall, that’s a very fun ride available to all riders!

Big Bear Loop + Rental Yamaha Tenere 700 + GPS


2021 Yamaha Tenere 700 motorcycle rental + Oceanside to Big Bear Loop
• Departure: Dana Point, CA or Huntington Beach, CA
• GPS included with track loaded
• Two days trip, camping option possible (hotels available at Big Bear)


• 25 years old
• Drivers licence with full motorcycle endorsement (US or international)
• Valid motorcycle insurance

Our Tenere 700s are fully equipped for the adventure:

Crash bars
Skid Plate
Dunlop Mission TrailMax tires
Smartphone support
GPS Voyager Pro



When picking up your Tenere 700, we’ll check with you that the bike is perfectly functioning before you sign a Rental Agreement. You’ll also be asked for a refundable retainer of $1,500 to cover eventual damage to the bike. This deposit will be refunded immediately after the end of the ride, once the bike has been returned to our headquarters and it has been assessed that no parts need to be replaced.

Legal forms
With the rental comes your responsibility as a rider. You’ll have to sign a waiver specifying that your responsability is solely engaged while riding the bike and that Moto Trails USA is not to be held responsible of your behavior in any circumstances. Last, but not least, you’ll be offered the option to subscribe a basic liability rider’s insurance for $15 a day.

Maintenance free
During the whole duration of the rental, Moto Trails USA will stay in charge of the maintenance and will pay for normal expenses such as gas, oil (guided tours only), and all parts that might need to be changed due to normal use like chain, tires, etc… Broken parts due to crashes will be changed as soon as possible and the corresponding amount deducted from the refunded deposit.