From Europe to the great American wilderness

We started our journey in the moto industry in Europe in 1987. For years, we rode small enduro and trials motorcycles in France, Italy, Spain, and Sweden, and started to publish stories in the French magazines Moto Verte and Moto Revue. In the meantime, we were also exploring Africa with trips in Algeria, Mali, Mauritania, and Morocco…

We finally put our wheels on the dirt in America in 2014, still working for magazines, traveling across 26 states within two years. Riding the Continental Divide for Upshift Magazine and Moto Verte in 2017 brought a new perspective: The feedback on our stories was fantastic and soon riders from Europe eagerly came to ride with us in the American wilderness.

For years, we had to deal with bikes that were too heavy or too fragile to endure the abuse of a real adventure. With the arrival of the famous Tenere 700 in the USA the game has changed! It was the exact tool we were waiting for to share our passion with more adv enthusiasts.

Today, we offer a wide range of rides in the USA, mostly off-road, and we make friends on every ride. That’s all we could ask for!

We also created Moto Trails Bolivia in 2022 to add another epic destination and keep pushing the boundaries of our dreams. All our profits from this new venture will be used for humanitarian aid in local communities.

The world is ours to discover and to make better.

Olivier de Vaulx,
Co-Founder/Principal Rider, Moto Trails USA