All you need to know about your next adventure


Support vehicles

On all our trips, one or two vehicles will ensure your safety and comfort:

Safety: Our 4×4 pickup truck will meet the group of riders at least once a day, carrying water, gas, snacks, spare parts and will be able to transport a rider and a bike in case something happens. It is also equipped with satellite communication.
Comfort: The pickup truck will also transport your bags for the night so you can ride light.

Experience needed

Moto Trails USA tours are mostly using dirt roads, gravel roads and double-tracks. The percentage of paved / unpaved roads depends on the tour.

Prior off-road riding experience is essential, even if there’s no single track.

You’ll need to be able to:

  • Ride standing-up
  • Brake and turn on loose gravel
  • Find your lines in rocky / sandy sections
  • Cross a river bed
  • Ride at slow but steady speed in the mud*
  • Ride long days (6 to 8 hours) on the bike

*In case of muddy / snowy conditions, some options with more paved roads can be found each day to make things easier for everyone.


Motorcycle liability (for rentals): Our bikes are insured but you’ll need to purchase with our provider MBA a personal liability insurance for $15/day (a damage/thief insurance can also be subscribed). This option is honestly the simplest and safest way to insure yourself for the trip.

Minimum age (for rentals): You need to be at least 21 years old to rent one of our motorcycle. If you ride your own bike this limitation doesn’t apply as long as you have a valid insurance and driver licence with motorcycle endorsement.

Motorcycle liability (for your own bike): You’ll need to provide a valid insurance card/ ID before the start of the trip.

Search and rescue (for all riders): The rental bikes all come equipped with a ZOLEO satellite communicator device linked to GEOS. We recommend that you subscribe a Medical Transportation Insurance and/or a Medical Evacuation Insurance for Search and Rescue (SAR100 for $30) by GEOS, but it’s not mandatory.

Driver licence

Motorcycle endorsement: a valid driver licence with motorcycle endorsement is rquired for all riders (even if they ride their own bike). 

GPS and support rider

GPS: Your Tenere 700 will be equipped with a Trail Tech Voyager Pro GPS. The color touch screen will display the route you have to follow, the alternate pavement option, and the positions of your riding buddies. The rides are self-guided, and you are responsible for your own riding and safety.

Guidance: Our support riders will be on the trails to assist you and to offer some advice.

Meals and accommodations

Moto Trails USA is commited providing the best accomodations possible.

Hotels: Rooms are double occupancy. Your roommate can be your riding buddy if you’re coming with a friend, or we can have a turn-over and you’ll change every night to get to know everyone on the tour. Single rooms are also available in option. Quality is our main goal, and you’ll stay at night in comfortable and authentic hotels. However, standards may vary according to local selection.

Breakfasts will be enjoyed at the hotel or nearby, before our early departure.

• Lunch: We’ll be in remote places at midday and you’ll often rely on snacks and water provided in the morning. Occasionnaly, we will have lunch in towns. Keep in mind that alcohol during the day is strictly prohibited.

• Dinner: Once you arrive at the hotel, appetizers and cold beverages will be served. Afterwards, we will walk to a nearby restaurant for the dinner*. Alcohol is not included.

* Since the Continental Divide Tour is two-week long, we let each rider choose their place and time to eat.

Cell Service and Wifi

We’ll be riding in very remote places where cell service is usually not available. However, when we arrive at the hotel at night, cell service and Wifi should be available.

For everyone’s safety and peace of mind, the support riders have satellite devices to contact our support truck or emergency services.

Our rental Tenere 700s are equiped with ZOLEO satellite communicator devices that can send messages through your phone. In case of problem / emergency you can always communicate with our crew or with Search and Rescue.

What's included and not included

What’s included
• Tenere 700 with Dunlop off-road tires
• TrailTech Voyager Pro GPS with track fully loaded
• ZOLEO satellite communicator
• Fuel

• Van with tools, parts, snacks and water
• Transportation of your small luggage from hotel to hotel

• Hotel rooms (double occupancy)
• Meals: Breakfasts, Snacks, Dinners*

• Entrance to National Parks (if on your tour)
• Welcome package with T-Shirt, stickers and coupons from our partners
• Finisher T-Shirt

What’s not included:
• Personal medical emergency insurance
• Motorcycle liability insurance
• Alcohol
• Single occupancy

* Dinners are not included for the Continental Divide Tour, except for the first and last

Climate and riding gear

Moto Trails USA made every effort to schedule the tours during the best time of the year for each trip. However, weather is unpredictable. If any of our routes are closed due to snow, flooding, mud, landslides, wildfires or any other condition, we’ll do our best to find an alternate way.

In the winter, temperatures can vary between 30°F (-1°C) at sunrise to 75°F (24°C) in the middle of the day.

In the summer, you can expect to have from 55°F (13°C)  in the early morning to 80-90°F (27-32°C) in the afternoon, with some rare but possible extreme peaks at 105°F (40°C).

Riding gear:
Helmets are required, as well as motorcycles boots and off-road riding gear (pants, jackets and gloves).

During the summer, a light jacket and MX gear are sufficient. During the winter, a warm jacket, heated gloves and extra layers might prove useful.

We’ll provide you with a complete list of gear before your departure date.

Feel free to ask us any questions if you’re not sure about what to bring.

Last, but not least, if you want to travel light from another part of the US or from abroad, we have complete Leatt gear and 100% goggles for sale at a discount.

Passport and visa

To come and ride in the USA from Europe or any other part of the world, you’ll need to have a valid passport (it has to be valid 6 months after your date of departure). You’ll also need to obtain an ESTA (see HERE). For any help regarding these questions, please contact us directly.