What a trip! Thank you Caroline and Olivier for your welcome, your thoughtfulness and your empathy. You are wonderful, attentive and professional. We discovered a hidden side of the United States … on the motorcycle and sportive aspect, what a joy and what an adventure : 2699 miles of trails, gravel, dirt, sand, rocks and mud. Breathtaking landscapes, xxl size, mountains, passes over 12.000 feets, rivers and wild animals all around. An unforgettable cocktail. When is it the next departure ?

Dear Moto Trails USA, I took part in this trip and would like to thank you once again. When I was younger, I did some motorcycle competitions, including the famous Dakar: I found a lot of similarities, routines to set up, dream landscapes, but I especially understood the difference: in a race, we have only one objective: to finish the race with the best ranking if possible. With you, the real pleasure is elsewhere, it is all along the way, even stronger!