BLUE Graphic Kit Yamaha Tenere 700 “Continental Divide”

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BLUE Moto Trails USA Graphic Kit
• All years models Yamaha Tenere 700.
• Perfect fit
• Heavy Duty 3M Matte Finish MX Vinyl Material.
• Tested and proven on our tours!

Includes: graphics for the tank, fairing, front/side panels, rear/side panels, front fender and windscreen.

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A racing look and a perfect fit for your Tenere 700, with a design proven on the toughest trails in the USA!

We designed this kit with the early days of the Dakar Rally in mind, when the Tenere was dominating the toughest race in the world and had a blue and yellow delivery. Moto Trails USA uses this kit on its own bikes, proof that we believe in the quality of our product! Indeed, we went out of our way with our partner Upshift Online to make sure that the fit is perfect, so the install would be easy - after all, we're the first concerned since we have to install the kits on many bikes each season! Durability is warranted with a top notch vinyl quality, and we use these kits for over 20,000 miles/year!

The BLUE graphic kit includes 22 parts and the following logos:
• MoskoMoto
• Dunlop
• 100%
• Leatt
• Trail Tech
• Upshift
• Yamaha
• Tenere
• Moto Trails USA

Wet Installation

1. Clean your plastics, hands, and work area. Remove dirt, oil, old adhesive, and anything else from the front and backside of your machine’s plastic.
2. Using a spray bottle, spray a fine mist of water on to the part of the bike you want to install first.
3. Remove the backing paper from your decal, and be sure to keep the adhesive side free of dirt, dust, and debris. Spray the adhesive side with a fine mist of water.
4. Lightly apply the decal to the plastic while lining up to edges of bodywork.
5. Once everything else is lined up properly, begin from the center, and use a squeegee to move the application fluid to the edge of the plastic.
6. As you continue the squeegee process, you may add mild heat with a heat gun or hairdryer in order to speed up the drying process. The heat will also help work out any bubbles and smooth any wrinkles.
Warning: Excessive heat will cause the decal to overstretch and distort the image.
7. Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe the excess fluid that is remaining around the edge of the plastic.
8. It is recommended that you do not ride your bike for at least 24 hours to ensure proper adhesion of the decal.
9. After 24 hours, look over the graphics for areas that may need heat to edges that may have lifted overnight.

Additional information

Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 59 × 38 × .5 cm

2 reviews for BLUE Graphic Kit Yamaha Tenere 700 “Continental Divide”

  1. Chris

    Hell, I have 3/4 of it on the bike already! I love it.
    Thank for the quality vinyl!

  2. John MD

    Love this kit, I had so many compliments on my bike since I installed it!

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