5 days – 1,000 miles


  • February 27 – March 4, 2022  –  RENTALS SOLD OUT – 1 spot left on your own bike
  • March 6 – 11, 2022
  • November 6 – 11, 2022
  • Difficulty 60% 60%
  • Off-road 80% 80%


    • TENERE 700 rental (optional)
    • GPS Trail Tech Voyager Pro (with rental)
    • ZOLEO satellite device (with rental)
    • GAS
    • LODGING (6 nights)
    • DINNERS (including Welcome dinner on Sunday night)
    • SNACKS


    • BEVERAGES in restaurants
    • $1,500 RETAINER for renting the Tenere 700


    • This is a self GPS-guided ride. The provided GPS routes are not mandatory and you're free to take your own decisions
    • You are not encouraged to ride alone. People will ride in small groups but ultimately, each rider is responsible for is own riding.
    • Proof of vaccination for Covid-19 will be required before the begining of the ride

    The route starts from Las Vegas, and then goes through Death Valley National Park in California. We then follow the Alabama Hills and keep going all the way up to Tonopah, Nevada. We come back through the Nevada desert, visit some amazing Ghost Towns, and even get the opportunity to ride some sand dunes.


    This winter trip is designed for intermediate riders looking for a fun ride in a Dakar Rally-like desert. While most of the ride is done on double-tracks and gravel roads, there will be a few technical sections here and there such as deep sand and rolling rocks. It will never be extremely hard but it’s a reminder that the trip is not for beginners.

    Weather should be great at this time of year, but you should be prepared for cold temperatures in the morning and evening. Remember that we don’t control the climate!

    Last, but not least, we will be riding the Tenere in very remote areas where search and rescue might need hours to reach us. Safety will be our top priority over performance.

    Overall, the challenge is perfectly doable for any rider in good physical condition and willing to put the effort to expand their horizons!


    45-65 degrees

    Food Included

    Double-Occupancy Rooms

    Scenic Landscapes

    Starts/ends in Las Vegas, NV


    Map of the Trip

    DAY 1 - Las Vegas to Furnace Creek

    After meeting for dinner on Sunday night, we’ll start our day early on Monday morning to leave Las Vegas on rocky trails up to the Coliseum mine. 
    We’ll take a rest and a date milkshake at China Ranch. Then, some sandy sections will make you sweat at the entrance of Death Valley National Park. After Badwater Basin, we stop for the night at Furnace Creek, in the heart of the Death Valley, for a night in a luxury hotel.

    Lodging: Furnace Creek

    Distance: 250 miles

    DAY 2 - Furnace Creek to Lone Pine

    After a good breakfast in Furnace Creek, the day begins with the impressive exploration of Titus Canyon. We then ride up to the Race Track, where rocks are leaving surprising tracks on the sand. Later on, the trail leads us through the mountains before reaching the lovely town of Lone Pine.

    Lodging: Lone Pine Quality Inn

    Distance: 177 miles

    DAY 3 - Lone Pine to Tonopah

    alabama hills tenere 700We start super early to enjoy the colorful sunrise on the Alabama Hills. The ride continues to the historical site of Manzanar Camp before reaching the Reward mine: there, you will ride your Tenere inside the dark tunnel! The day ends with a stretch of pavement up to Tonopah, Nevada.


    Lodging: Mizpah Hotel, Tonopah

    Distance: 211 miles

    DAY 4 - Tonopah to Beatty

    The morning starts with the visit of the car cemetery of Goldfield, before heading toward the gohst town of Gold Point. After a cold drink in the saloon, we’ll ride to Beatty, NV.

    Lodging: Beatty

    Distance: 185 miles

    DAY 5 - Beatty to Las Vegas

     For the last day, we offer two technical challenges before and after Pahrump: The Big Dune OHV park will let you test your skills in the sand, while the amazing double track after the town will give you a feel of what it looks like to ride the Baja 1000 race. We then reach Las Vegas where we have our last dinner together. That’s also when you receive your Finisher T-Shirt!

    Lodging: Las Vegas

    Distance: 196 miles


    We provide all the tools:
    Fully fitted Tenere 700 with bags and GPS
    Pickup truck to carry your luggage so you can ride light
    Support riders who know the trails, carry tools and have satellite communication.

    However, you’re in charge of your adventure and you will be responsible for managing your effort and riding at a safe pace.

    Dirt or pavement ? Everyday, a morning briefing will let you know all about the day’s ride, after which you can decide between riding on the dirt or opting for the pavement option. Again, you’re on your own, and you take the decisions. 

    Riding in group: Riding solo is dangerous so we encourage you to ride in group. Nonetheless, everybody should ride at its own pace and have time to  stop to take pictures…

    Sharing memories: After reaching the hotel at the end of the afternoon, the riders will have dinner in a restaurant and plenty of time to share their adventures of the day!

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