Utah – Arizona

7 days – 1,200 miles



  • Difficulty 40% 40%
  • Off-road 65% 65%


  • TENERE 700 rental (optional)
  • GPS Trail Tech Voyager Pro (optional)
  • GAS
  • LODGING (8 nights)
  • DINNERS (including Welcome dinner on Saturday night)


  • BEVERAGES in restaurants
  • INSURANCE (we can provide one if needed)
  • $1,500 RETAINER for renting the Tenere 700


  • This is a self GPS-guided ride. The provided GPS routes are not mandatory and you're free to take your own decisions
  • You are not encouraged to ride alone. People will ride in small groups but ultimately, each rider is responsible for is own riding.
  • Proof of vaccination for Covid-19 will be required before the begining of the ride

This 7-day trip offers the most diverse landscapes, making it a perfect “Instagram-ride“. Utah is home to some of the most popular National Parks of the United States, and you will get to experience them via backcountry roads. After taking in the immensity of Grand Canyon, you will head towards the majestic landscapes of Capitol Reef National Park. For the end of the ride, Arizona will enchant you with some of its natural wonders, such as Monument Valley and the south rim of Grand Canyon, before heading back to Las Vegas.

moto trails usa utah tenere


This Spring / Fall trip is designed for intermediate riders looking for a fun ride in some of the most iconic areas of the West. While the trip is not intented for beginners, you’ll find that most of the trails are easy, usually following large jeep trails and gravel roads. As for the paved sections, they are just as beautiful with very little traffic. However, you’ll encounter some technical sections like double tracks with rolling rocks or mud. We don’t control the climate, but we always try to propose a pavement alternative when trails are wet

Weather should be great at this time of year, but you should be prepared for a wide range of temperatures.

Last, but not least, we will be riding the Tenere 700 in very remote areas where search and rescue might need hours to reach us. Safety will be our top priority over performance.

Overall, the challenge is perfectly doable for any rider of moderte experience in good physical condition and willing to put in the effort to live a great adventure.

moto trails usa utah tenere


55-80 degrees

Food included

Double-Occupancy Rooms

Scenic Landscapes

Starts/ends in Las Vegas, NV


Map of the Trip

DAY 1 - Las Vegas to Grand Canyon West

The first day is an easy warm up, with some pavement and nice dirt roads through the desert. We stop at Hoover Dam, before heading to the South rim of Grand Canyon NP.

Lodging: Western Ranch

Distance : 123 miles

DAY 2 - Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon tenere 700We explore the Southern rim of Grand Canyon, with beautiful views of the Colorado river. The day ends just outside of the Grand Canyon National Park.

Lodging: Red Feather Lodge – Tusayan, AZ

Distance : 175 miles

DAY 3 - Grand Canyon to Monument Valley

red rocks arizona utah tenere 700After a few lasts stops over the Grand Canyon, we take the iconic route heading straight to Monument Valley. There’s an optional bus tour there, since motorcycles are not allowed in the park. Still, the sunset view from the entrance of the park is just magnificent. Prepare your camera!

Lodging: Monument Valley

Distance : 204 miles

DAY 4 - Monument Valley to Bullfrog Marina

valley of the gods moto trails usa

From Monument Valley, we ride through the spectacular Valley of the Gods. Then, the tracks heads to the incredible Moki Dugway Switchbacks, to Goosenecks of the San Juan River, before stopping at Bullfrog Marina.

Lodging: Bulfrog Marina

Distance : 162 miles

DAY 5 - BullFrog Marina to Kanab

Utah Lake Powell Tenere 700The route starts with  pavement near Bullfrog Marina. Then it’s part paved and part dirt through the the fun Switchbacks of Burr Trail. We then go through the spectacular “Capitol Reef National Park” via the famous Scenic Hwy12 from Boulder to Tropic. End of the day is a mix of pavement and dirt to reach Kanab.

Lodging: Best Western – Red Hills, UT

Distance : 193 miles

DAY 6 - Kanab to Bar 10 Ranch

day 1 bar 10 ranch tenere 700We will stay mostly on dirt roads with detours to admire the view of the North Rim of Grand Canyon (Toroweap Point and Grand Canyon View). We stop for the night at Bar 10 Ranch, a remote resort just a few miles from the Colorado river.

Lodging: Bar 10 Ranch

Distance : 120 miles

DAY 7 - Back to Las Vegas

For the last day, we ride on the shore of Lake Mead.  The ride ends in Las Vegas and you’ll get a friendly dinner with all of your fellow riders. That’s when you’ll get your Finisher T-Shirt!

Lodging: Las Vegas, NV

Distance : 213 miles



We provide all the tools:
Fully fitted Tenere 700 with bags and GPS
Pickup truck to carry your luggage so you can ride light
Support riders who know the trails, carry tools and have satellite communication.

However, you’re in charge of your adventure and you will be responsible for managing your effort and riding at a safe pace.

Dirt or pavement ? Everyday, a morning briefing will let you know all about the day’s ride, after which you can decide between riding on the dirt or opting for the pavement option. Again, you’re on your own, and you take the decisions. 

Riding in group: Riding solo is dangerous so we encourage you to ride in group. Nonetheless, everybody should ride at its own pace and have time to  stop to take pictures…

Sharing memories: After reaching the hotel at the end of the afternoon, the riders will have dinner in a restaurant and plenty of time to share their adventures of the day!

This tour provides unique photo opportunities. You can stop anywhere you want and ride at your own pace!
Our support riders can wait for you, so you can enjoy the beautiful scenery with peace of mind…

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