About of the trip:

  • Duration: 13 days of riding

  • Total Distance: 2,500 miles

  • Difficulty: 3/5

  • Pavement: 40% – Gravel, Dirt: 50% – Rocks: 10%

  • Hotels: 2-4 stars


July 24 – August 7, 2021

Continental Divide – Guided Tour



Following the geographical line upon which the water goes either toward the Atlantic Ocean or the Pacific Ocean, the Continental Divide ride goes through New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming and Montana, covering around 2,500 miles of spectacular remote wilderness, from deserts to 12,000 ft high mountain passes.
Closely following the original route developped for bicyclists, the CDR stays far away from civilisation. During the day, you’re more likely to encounter wildlife or cattle than to meet another human being.
It’s truly a unique ride, with incredible diversity of terrain and scenery, and an uncomparable sense of achievement for those who finish it. This is which is why we call it the king of the rides!


Dates: July 24 – August 7, 2021


• 25 years old
• Drivers licence with full motorcycle endorsement (US or international)
• Valid motorcycle insurance

Two options, two prices:

    • On your bike: $4,950 ($1,000 deposit + $3,950)
    • On a rental Tenere 700: $6,750 ($1,000 deposit + $5,750)

• Lodging and gas included
• 3 riders minimum, 8 riders maximum
• Ride starts in Silver City, NM and ends in Kalispell, MT
• Transport to airports if needed
• Pre-tour package with paper maps and souvenirs included
• Support truck for maximum comfort and minimum stress


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Our Tenere 700s are fully equipped for the adventure:

Crash bars
Skid Plate
Dunlop Mission TrailMax tires
Smartphone support
GPS Voyager Pro



When picking up your Tenere 700, we’ll check with you that the bike is perfectly functioning before you sign a Rental Agreement. You’ll also be asked for a refundable retainer of $1,500 to cover eventual damage to the bike. This deposit will be refunded immediately after the end of the ride, once the bike has been returned to our headquarters and it has been assessed that no parts need to be replaced.

Legal forms
With the rental comes your responsibility as a rider. You’ll have to sign a waiver specifying that your responsability is solely engaged while riding the bike and that Moto Trails USA is not to be held responsible of your behavior in any circumstances. Last, but not least, you’ll be offered the option to subscribe a basic liability rider’s insurance for $15 a day.

Maintenance free
During the whole duration of the rental, Moto Trails USA will stay in charge of the maintenance and will pay for normal expenses such as gas, oil (guided tours only), and all parts that might need to be changed due to normal use like chain, tires, etc… Broken parts due to crashes will be changed as soon as possible and the corresponding amount deducted from the refunded deposit.

Additional information


I'm renting a Yamaha Tenere 700, I ride my own bike

Map of the Trip

map continental divide Moto Trails USA Tenere

DAY 1 - Meeting in Silver City, NM)

For those who are coming by plane, we can pick you up at the Tucson International Airport in Arizona.
After the drive to Silver City, you meet your fellow riders and get to know everyone during a friendly dinner. After discovering your fully loaded Yamaha T700, there’s a last safety breefing before a good night sleep in a comfortable hotel.

DAY 2, 3 and 4 - NEW MEXICO

New Mexico is called the Land of Enchantment for a reason! You’ll be amazed by the change of scenery during the first two days, as the track alternates between forests and vast plains, leading us to the small towns of Reserve and then Grants. On the third day, you get a taste of the Dakar Rally in the desert before Chama. But keep in mind that we’re not racing and that you want to ride safe! In case of rain, we might skip some sections of dirt that are “impassable when wet” and stay on backcountry paved roads, which are just as colorful as their dirt counterparts.

Duration: 582 miles – 3 days

DAY 5, 6, 7, 8 - COLORADO

Colorado will bring the most technical riding of the trip, but also the most magnificent views!
It starts easy on the first day with a cool ride to Stunner Pass. The day ends at Lake City, where we will be staying for two days.
Indeed, on the next morning, we offer the option to discover the famous Alpine loop including Cinnamon Pass and Engineer Pass, both topping the 12,500 feet mark. This rocky 40-mile ride will let you forge great memories!
The next day to Buena Vista is easier, since Cottonwood Pass is now paved! Enjoy the calm before the storm, since the following stage is challenging, especially when climbing the rocky Hagerman Pass.
From Buena Vista to Eagle, you’ll have mostly single and double tracks that will let you play with your agile Tenere like a small dual sport.

Duration: 547 miles – 4 days

DAY 9, 10, 11 - WYOMING

We will start with a easy but long stage, going from Eagle, CO to Rawlins, WY, with the opportunity to find a nice restaurant in Steamboat, CO, for lunch!
The next day, you’ll enter the Wyoming desert, with amazing dirt and even a fun sandy double track! The wild pronghorns will run along your bikes, making you feel like you’re in Africa.
From Pinedale, large gravel roads let you put a lot of miles before entering the scenic Grand Teton National Park and reaching Island Park

Duration: 719 miles – 3 days

DAY 12, 13, 14 - MONTANA

To Butte and then Seeley Lake, we’ll progressively let behind the vast plains of Wyoming to enter the deep forests of Montana.

The ride then avoids Glacier NP and its tourists to bring you to Kalispell via winding gravel roads, a few miles from the Canadian border.

There, we take a room in a historic hotel in town, before enjoying a last dinner where you’ll get your Finisher t-shirts. You’ve done it, crossing the whole USA border to border on a 2,500-mile ride!

Duration: 659 miles – 3 days

DAY 15 - Transfer to Kalispell airport

It’s time to say good bye to everyone and head back home!

From Kalispell, you can either rent a car or be driven to the Glacier Park International Airport in Kalispell in time to catch your flight, full of unforgettable memories of the ride of a lifetime!


This long trip is designed for riders seeking an authentic adventure in the most beautiful areas of the West. While most of the ride is done on double-tracks and gravel roads, there will be a few technical sections such as deep ruts or rolling rocks. It will never be extremely hard, but it’s a reminder that the trip is not for beginners.

Weather should be great at this time of year, but you must be prepared for everything like extreme heatshowers and even thunderstorms. Rain can make the trails impassable, so we always have a pavement option ready… Remember that we don’t control the climate!

Last, but not least, we will be riding the Tenere 700 in very remote areas where search and rescue might need hours to reach us. Safety will be our top priority over performance.

Overall, the challenge is perfectly doable for any rider in good physical condition and willing to put the effort to experience what is truly the adventure of a lifetime!


  • TENERE 700 rental
  • GPS Trail Tech Voyager Pro
  • GAS
  • LODGING (14 nights)
  • FIRST DINNER (Silver City)
  • LAST DINNER (Kalispell)
  • TRANSFER to the AIRPORTS (Tucson, Kalispell)


  • MEALS in Restaurant (except first and last dinners)
  • $1,500 RETAINER for renting the Tenere 700